Update from the WBO on Natural Building Reconstruction in Haiti

WBO’s project director and PermaCorps for Haiti Advisory, Jeffree Trudeau has been very successful in establishing a prefabricated bamboo home pilot project for the people of Haiti, as well as establish a team of people in Haiti to work with permaculture specialists for a long-term  bamboo plantation project. Over the past month we have raised enough money to fund the construction of 33 homes for the pilot project! This will become the testing grounds and the foundation for the establishment of a local production facility,  along with ongoing support and training for propagation of  bamboo for future utilization.  This will ultimately support the housing reconstruction and the renewed economic growth of the Haitian people.
The proposal has short and long term issues that will be addressed and will be employed in conjunction with other NGO’s both on the ground in Haiti and from other countries with technical and financial support to carry the project for long term success. We will post a copy of the proposal on the web site soon.
We are currently negotiating long term relationships and MOU’s with key world leaders in the housing relief sector. Significant progress has been made working together with partners on logistics for land and owner contacts, as well as networking with the people on the potentials of bamboo housing alternatives. We are also creating a partnership with Kevin Rowell former co-director of Kleiwerks . He is the founder and director for his own company, The Natural Builders, and is volunteering his time to coordinate sustainable housing efforts in Haiti. He brings many years of experience with earth-based housing alternatives worldwide, as well as many bamboo projects with numerous companies and NGO’s. He is assisting WBO as liaison and execution body in order to insure the effective operations of WBO in Haiti.
Jeffree’s previous relationships and support for other Habitat For Humanity bamboo housing projects worldwide has created a sense of confidence in the NGO disaster relief and humanitarian aid arena. He also brings to the table years of experience in the development of disaster relief shelters and low income housing.  His factory in Vietnam has built prototypes in both categories and is continuing to experiment with cutting edge idea’s being developed for Haitian relief, while providing local Vietnamese workers with alternative and fulfilling income sources. They are also given unprecedented opportunities to interface and contribute to the sustainable movement worldwide.
PermaCorps Internatinal supports the work of the WBO and Kleiwerks and other permaculture and natural building related reconstruction efforts in Haiti.  To find out how you can get involved please see our volunteer page.

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