Update From PermCorps Team Member Marisha Auerbach

Marisha Auerbach is a PermaCorps for Haiti advisory board member and has been working in northern Haiti in an area near Limbe on a permaculture relief project focused on local food security and ecological regeneration.  Marisha and her close friend and fellow NW permaculture designer and educator Kelda Miller joined Rosedanie Cadet of Helping Hands Noramise and traveled to the outskirts of Limbe, Haiti along with other US volunteers.  The team worked with local Haitians in the surrounding community building the foundations of a no-till permaculture food forest that could aid in the restoration of the local soil quality, food diversity, and over all ecology of the area.   Nourishing local foods are essential to the well being of people everywhere and to the planet and to this end the team planted breadfruit, guava, papaya, mango, cacao, coffee, citrus, pumpkins (joumou), spinach(zepina), okra(gumbo), melon (melon), tomatoes (tomat), onions(zonjion), carrots (karot), etc.  PermaCorps Int intends to support and collaborate on more projects just like this for the long term recovery of Haiti.  Look for more detailed updates from Marisha and other PermaCorps team members soon and please support the Noramise project and their mission for a sustainable local industries in Haiti.

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    Good job Marisha!

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