Earthship Recon in Haiti a Success!

PermaCorps Int has been following the work of “Garbage Warrior” Mike Reynolds and the Biotecture team in Haiti:

Haiti Disaster Relief

Earthship recon crew in Haiti:
June 30 – July 5, 2010.
New images and videos coming soon.

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Thanks to everyone who helped provide information, connections, advice and donations for the Earthship Biotecture recon visit to Haiti.

As it turned out it was much more than a recon visit… we built a building with the help of forty Haitians from the tent camps –  ages four to fifty.
- We feed them lunch each day for four days and they helped and learned how to build this earthquake resistant and hurricane resistant building made from garbage all within a mile from the build site.
- We are going back in October to add systems to this building again with their help.
- We managed to get into the heart of the Haitian people who are living in the tent camps.
- We found out what they need and we found out that we can help them provide it for themselves.
- We raised only $7,000 for this trip and it was all used for travel expenses, local accommodations and food, shots, feeding the Haitian build crew and buying materials.
There were no wages or pay of any kind for the Earthship team – they went for free.
The images illustrate what happened.
There were tears when we left.
Again… Thanks to all who helped in any way. We will go back and do more.
Michael Reynolds –
Earthship Biotecture

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  1. Ed Raduazo #

    I am a cob instructor and builder living in the Washington, DC area. I was wondering if you are going to do any more trips to Haiti.
    I use a rototiller to mix cob and fiber while creating water harvesting trenches for agriculture. I can send you more information on projects ZI have worked on if you are interested.

    Ed Raduazo

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